talkingtoomuch is on point with these captions. The sexual tension between these two is as tight as Finn’s ass. 

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Captures of Autumnal Hues by Nelleke Pieters

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I think netflix made a mistake..

Laughed so hard I could barely click the reblog button


someone photoshop their faces on team free will

No wonder the worlds going to hell in a handbasket








I think netflix made a mistake..

Laughed so hard I could barely click the reblog button


someone photoshop their faces on team free will

No wonder the worlds going to hell in a handbasket


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my four favourite twd ladies x

My skin has turned..

to porcelain..

to ivory..

to steel~

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Nico Mirallegro 


*fans self*

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SO - since you said I’d be super excited about this next part and it’s been a bit since the last ep was posted… I was hoping I could ask for a sneaky peek at the next part? I do love the previews and puzzling out what’s happening based on them. Hope you’re doing well!


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Dear Rae

I want to taste you, to run my fingertips along your curves. 

I want to feel the silk of your hair on my skin.

I can just imagine your body pressing against me. 

I so desperately want to worship you.

You are so beautiful. 

I know you’re with Finn, so I won’t ever bother you. 

But you should know you have options. 

A lot of options; even ones you might have never thought of before. 

Love forever from

A secret admirer. 




He looked her in the eye in the mirror, “You’ll feel my muscles un-tense just before I lose consciousness.”  She nodded, her heart starting beat hard, “I need you to let go as soon as I start to go limp.” 

“Alright.”  She nodded nervously. 

“Not once I’m down, not after I’ve been unconscious for a bit… as soon as I start to go limp.  Alright?”  She nodded slowly.  “Alright go.”  She hesitated.  “I trust you.”  He said softly, knowing his life was literally in her hands.  She’d asked him to teach her this move, to do this for her; and he simply did it, regardless of the danger to himself.  She swallowed hard and nodded before squeezing his neck tentatively, afraid.  “Tighter!”  He roared at her and she put her whole force into it, squeezing as hard as she could.  It seemed almost instantaneous, but really it had taken ten seconds before he had started to swoon.  She felt him fall sideways and let go, realising she should have let go sooner.  He fell off the bed to the floor.

“Rhys!”  She squeaked out and fell to her knees beside him.  Chloe hadn’t realised that the difference between starting to go limp and being completely unconscious would be a matter of seconds.  She felt panic rising up in her chest



“What are you doing here?”  She asked him, shaking her head. 

“Everyone’s worried cos you been away for three days.”  He answered honestly, without adding that he was particularly worried. 

“So you appointed yourself messenger boy for everyone?”  She asked and he shook his head.

“No there was a vote, and a ceremony to give me my sacred duties…”  She chuckled.  “Can I come in?”  He asked


She got up and paced the room, her hands coming together in front of her, wringing slightly.  Rae worried for her, the way he brow furrowed, the nervous movement of her hands.  Kenzie’s anxiety levels were clearly not alright. 

“I just don’t know where I fit into all of this… into their lives.”  Kenzie looked back at Rae with an apologetic look.  “I don’t mean to…”  He sighed and closed her eyes, taking a deep breath and slowly letting it out.  “I know you might not have the best impression of me.”  She said sadly, “But regardless of the years I’ve spent away from Finn… regardless of his age.”  She fixed Rae with an unwavering stare that Rae felt was nine parts false bravado, aimed at hiding her anxiety, “He’s still my baby.  And I want what’s best for him.”  Rae nodded slowly, trying to take in everything that she’d said.

“Right well, I get that.”  Rae said slowly, “But regardless of your feelings, you need to take into consideration those eight years you was gone, and Finn’s age.”  Rae saw her eyes drop, the wringing of the hands again, but she pressed on, “Cos they mean something.  And you’ve got a lot of explaining to do about where the hell you’ve been and why you didn’t come back.”  Rae watched Kenzie’s eyebrows furrow, saw the tear drop from her eyes before she turned away to cover her emotion.  She faltered for a moment, but she knew Finn’s mum needed to hear this, “Cos it really matters.  And these daft Nelson men are just being too polite to ask.”

“If I were them…” Kenzie’s throat was choked by emotion.  She stopped and shook her head slowly, unable to finish the sentence.

“Exactly.”  Rae said, knowing what Kenzie was thinking.  “You wanna heal this family, all three o’ you gotta talk.” 

“I know.”  Kenzie replied not turning around, “Which is why you need to not be around so much.”  She turned back to Rae, “I’m sorry.” 


“Oh fuck.”  Phil barely breathed.  He watched as Alex deftly blocked Finn’s kick and planted a hard fist in his stomach.  Finn made a loud grunt of pain, but the lads holding him arms stopped him from doubling over.  Phil’s mind went over the possibilities, options, scenarios at lightning speed as Finn pulled violently to get himself free, the lads laughing, really starting to enjoy themselves now. 


They dawdled back to the car, holding hands and chatting about their upcoming trip. 

“Now I know Dean is a wanker… and I should never believe a word he says…” Tom started slowly, “But he said something about… terrorists and attacks on tourists in Egypt?”  Archie sighed deeply.

“Yeah there’s been a few kidnappings and stuff, but mostly they’re attacking local security forces and police.”  Archie shrugged, “in reaction the laws and stuff there.”  Tom nodded slowly.

“We won’t be in any danger will we?”

“Nah.”  Archie grinned, “I got us treading the well-trodden tourist paths in Egypt.”  He shrugged, “They’re popular tourist destinations for a reason.”  He explained with a wry grin, “And most of the kidnappings are happening is less touristy areas.  We’ll be fine.” 

“That’s all I needed to hear.” 




Emotions raged inside of her, her skin crawling, her mind warring.  She tore out of the bathroom and saw Rhys on the chin-up bar.

“I don’t need you to hold me all night, you know?”  She spat angrily, “Like you’re some fucking knight in shining armour.  Staying awake and making sure I’m safe!”  He dropped from the bar and turned to her slowly.  “I don’t need some fucking hero!”  She yelled at him, “I’m not a victim!” 




“About time you fucking arse!”  Chop called out and Finn looked up to see Archie running up to the centre, already in his work out gear, a bag slung over his shoulder. 

“Sorry!”  He grinned with no hint of a real apology.  Finn looked at a fresh bruise forming along his jawline with an unimpressed expression.

“You’re late cos you was fucking.”  He shook his head.  The bruise looked painful, but Finn knew that in a few days it’d be gone; Archie and Tom seemed to have found the magic formula for getting rid of bruises quickly. 

“Like you can fucking talk.”  Archie shot back with a slutty grin.  Chop rolled his eyes and poked Archie’s bruised jaw.

“OW!  Fuck you!”  Archie gave him a surprised look. 

“That’s for being late to our hardcore workout.”  Chop grumbled angrily, “And I thought you like that sort o’ shit.” 

“I like getting pain from Tom, not you.  It’s just fucking weird from you…”  Archie gave him a disgusted look and led the way into the boxing joint.  Finn and Chop shared an amused grin before following him in. 



“I have to tell her.”  He thought about Rae asking about how it was that he knew Elsa so well, how he’d felt his eye twitch as he had had to lie to her about it, how he spent the next few hours hoping she hadn’t seen the eye twitch.  He hated having this secret from her.  Hated lying to her.  But more than that, he wanted them to both be completely naked together, and that meant complete honesty.  


“D’you know girls.”  Chloe said, “Since we know Chop and Finn was talking about this the last time we was at your place Iz, I reckon we should conspire to get some anal too.”  Chloe said.  “Get some pegging in!”  She chuckled.

“Or just a finger.”  Rae grinned and Izzy bit her bottom lip. 

“There’s no way Chop’ll do it.”  Izzy shook her head. 

“So convince him.”  Chloe grinned, “Plant the seeds.  Isn’t that what guys do to girls all the time?”  Izzy and Rae exchanged a look and Chloe shrugged.  “Let’s breach the impenetrable, heterosexual, male arsehole, ladies!” 

“I’m gonna lose this competition!”  Izzy sighed.

“And I automatically win it, cos my lad’s queer as they come.”  Chloe grinned, “So I shall abstain from participating.”

“No way!”  Rae told her, “It might be easier for you to get something up his arse, but I reckon you have to do it too!”  And Izzy nodded vehemently in agreement.

“You both know I could have a giant dildo up his arse tonight, right?”  Rae and Izzy shrugged in reply.

“Do it and tell us how to do it.”  Izzy said excitedly.



“Hey…” Tom said hesitantly, “You know how I said I’d been a bit of a tart at the doctor’s?”  Tom asked gingerly.

“Yeah.”  Archie turned in his seat to look at Tom.

“I really have.”  He lowered his eyes.

“Alright.”  Archie realised that this was weighing on Tom.

“I know I was your first and… well…”  He paused.  “I’ve had more lovers than I can count.”  He said slowly, “a lot of ‘em I don’t even know their names.”  He looked up at Archie nervously.

“Not my first blowjob.”  Archie shrugged with a crooked grin.  Tom tried to not scoff and lowered his eyes.  “So I guess you wanna tell me about it?”  Archie asked.

“I suppose.”  He answered slowly and hesitated, not knowing how to go forward from here.

“More or less than a hundred?” 


“You’re an 11 Rae.”

“You too Chlo.”  She whispered back. 

“On what scale is Rae an 11?”  Phil asked, “A scale out of 5?”  Rae turned to him and shook her head.

“Shut up you.” 

“I was about to ask the same thing about Chlo.”  He replied and looked over at her, “You’re both stunning.”  Finn furrowed his brows and looked down at Phil as he shot a glance at Chloe, who grinned back at him.  “And if you throw Izzy and Bethany into the mix, we got babes all round.”  He winked at Izzy and she laughed.

“Smooth little shit aren’t you?’  Bethany asked cynically.


“I am going to do something to you.”  She whispered, “And it might seem unexpected or scary.”  She licked his neck and he almost whimpered, “But you’re going to try to like it, alright?” 

“Well so far so good.”  He grinned his hands going to her waist but she pushed him away. 

“Keep your hands out o’ the way.”  She ordered and he nodded. 


Kester is constantly asking him what he feels. 

He sees from the people around him how he supposed to feel. 

But there is just a deep empty void inside of him.

He is made up of nothingness. 


“Now while I do like it rough Mr Nelson, a boy does like a meal before getting fucked.”  Tom said


“You know next week?”

“The drama competition?”  Elsa asked and Finn nodded, “what about it?”  She asked with a look in her eye that told Finn she had an idea of what he was about to say.

“What… what are the sleeping arrangements?”  He asked, not even sure why he was asking.  He knew it would be fine with Rae and Phillip. 

“I am intending to force Rae and Phil to sleep in a single bed in a tiny room far away from my prying ears so they can get up to who knows what.”  Elsa answered with a stern face that became truly lovely when the small cheeky grin at the end of her sentence was allowed a moment of expression. 

“Aye alright!”  Finn waved her off and she chuckled. 

“I thought you were getting over all of that?”  Elsa said, “It looked like your jealousy was… lessening.”

“It is.”  He answered, “But… I told him to tell her how he feels.”  Finn said, “To take her out to dinner and do his best.”

“Ah.”  Elsa answered, “The result you’re after is that she will tell him to fuck off, and Phil, having done his best, will be convinced to give up finally.”  Elsa said astutely, “Because you know that while there’s the tiniest chance or hope, Phil will keep trying.”  Finn nodded, “And if he doesn’t feel like he’s given it his all, he’ll feel like he should try a little harder.” 

“You got it.”  Finn grinned grimly.

“So your biggest rival is going to take out your girlfriend for dinner while at the drama camp?  How delicious.”  Elsa said with a devious smile




I want him. Or someone like him.


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Marrying young is not the end of my freedom. It means I want to travel and see the world, but with her by my side. It means I still like drinking in bars and dancing in clubs, but stumbling home with her at 2am and eating pizza in our underwear. It means I know that I want to kiss those lips every morning, and every night before bed. If you see marriage as the end of your ‘freedom’, you’re doing it wrong.


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